Explore Oxford

Explore Oxford for attractions, restaurants, art and entertainment

Oxford is one of the oldest and most celebrated university cities in the world, and you can be forgiven for thinking Oxford is just about its highly successful universities. But there is so much more to see and do here, you really need to explore Oxford to really appreciate its beauty, history and vibrant culture.

Oxford has numerous major tourist attractions including the iconic Bodleian Library; Carfax Tower which offers superb views over the city; and the historic Covered Market with its many tourist shops. Explore Oxford’s wide streets, intricate network of smaller lanes lined with noble buildings and places to enjoy arts and entertainment; stop and relax for great food and drink, and see if you can see familiar sights often used as the backdrop to many TV programmes and films, from Inspector Morse to Harry Potter.

Another highlight would be a visit to the village of Woodstock and the iconic Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Winston Churchill and a world heritage site. There is a campsite just moments away.  It is also possible to pitch your campervan directly alongside the river whilst attending the popular Royal Regatta held every year at Henley on Thames.

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